Served in our Orangery overlooking the sea to the Orkney Islands our continental breakfast is served between 7.30 – 9.00. Vegetarian, vegan and full meat eaters all encouraged to happily feast here.

We provide a comprehensive range of food for breakfast including:

  • Porridge/cereals
  • Variety of breads some freshly made in-house
  • Platter of local and continental cheeses
  • Platter of cold cut meats including, home cooked gammon ham, salami, and when available, hot and cold smoked salmon and venison
  • Varying fresh savoury and sweet morning pastries i.e quiche, sausage rolls, ham and cheese turnovers, Danish pastries, lemon cakes
  • Freshly prepared fresh fruit salad and berries
  • Yoghurt Honey, jams and homemade marmalade
  • Nespresso coffee, various fruit/herb and black teas, hot chocolate.
Salmon Landings guesthouse Muckle Flugga - Ground floor room

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